Yu Fujishiro is an Unreal Engine Developer from Japan, based in Dubai, UAE. Providing technical services for live events and exhibitions, focused on New Media Art Interactive Art, Yu is focused on making interactions with art & design experiences more physically immersive.

Don't hesitate to get in touch to discuss any possible live events, further information or just to say hi!
Email: yu@yufujishiro.com
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     Aria Labs  |  Remote: New York 2023 Q4
     B-U-T  | Clients: MOZN AI, ARAMCO  |  On-Site: Dubai  2023 Q1, Q2
     RTFKT  | Client: Nike Inc.  |  Remote: Salt Lake City  2022 Q3, Q4
     Dentsu  |  Client: Shonen Jump  |  On-Site: Chiba  2022 & 2023 Q4
     Ntropic  |  Client: Disney+  |  Remote: Los Angeles  2022 Q1
     LOGAN.tv  |  Client: Apple  |  Remote: San Francisco  2020 Q3
     TUX Creative  Remote: Montreal  2019 Q1
     Tendril  |  On-Site: Toronto  2020 Q2
     Onesal  |  On-Site: Tokyo  2019 Q3
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