Yu Fujishiro is an Unreal Engine Developer & Online Instructor from Japan. Providing technical services for live events and exhibitions, focused on New Media Art Interactive Art, Yu is focused on making interactions with art & design experiences more physically immersive.

Don't hesitate to get in touch to discuss any possible live events, further information or just to say hi!
Email: yu@yufujishiro.com
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     Aria Labs  |  Remote: New York 2023 Q4 & 2024 Q1
     B-U-T  | Clients: MOZN AI, ARAMCO  |  On-Site: Dubai  2023 Q1, Q2
     RTFKT  | Client: Nike Inc.  |  Remote: Salt Lake City  2022 Q3, Q4
     Dentsu  |  Client: Shonen Jump  |  On-Site: Chiba  2022 & 2023 Q4
     Ntropic  |  Client: Disney+  |  Remote: Los Angeles  2022 Q1
     LOGAN.tv  |  Client: Apple  |  Remote: San Francisco  2020 Q3
     TUX Creative  Remote: Montreal  2019 Q1
     Tendril  |  On-Site: Toronto  2020 Q2
     Onesal  |  On-Site: Tokyo  2019 Q3
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