With the new release of iOS 14 update, Apple introduced animated playlist artworks to offer new engaging user experiences for the Apple Music app on iOS & macOS.​​​​​​​
Houdini TD Role
The Creative Director of Logan.tv offered me the opportunity to design and develop procedural CG hair groom setup with Houdini for the "TRA TRAP!" playlist motion artwork and large amounts of R&Ds for other playlists that didn't make the cut.
The procedural grooming setup featured: Artist friendly controls to adjust the look of the hair, which allowed the designers to tweak and art direct further. Vellum hair simulation option was added to simulate a flowing motion to the hair, but wasn't used in the final render. Masking features for compositing for use by the post-production department.​​​​​​​
There are many insightful process frames from the early rounds of R&Ds, but unfortunately the Apple NDA does not allow publicly sharing of WIPprocess flipbooks. Nevertheless, I'm happy to talk and show in person, if you are interested in hearing about the process.
Software: SideFX Houdini​​​​​​​

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